Make The Hero

Make the Hero is a god game in VR, with RPG elements and of Crafting. The player embodies a god of creation, who must take care of a little hero and help him in his quest for liberation from the world.To do this, he must create objects for her through his divine workshops and guide him on a map until he reaches and confronts the boss controlling every world.
The concept was proposed to be an end-of-study project. It is finished and was released at the end of June 2019, it is be a prototype of the game to show the experience of the game.

You can test it here!

Trailer & Gameplay


  • Game Design Document - French

    My role


    My role was to make sure that the whole team was working in the same direction, keeping deadlines, and dispatch tasks for everyone to work in an efficient and fullfilling way. My goal was to balance the constraints from the platform and the small team, against the ambition and expectations that both the team and school share. With only 6 members, including one programmer and 2 artists, ensuring a fun and polished experience on VR was a challenge. My role in the team was to create the tools and environment to make sure we have realistic goals, and are able to achieve them. These include documents of course, but also sprint planning and meetings with the team.

    Game designer VR

    I managed the direction of gameplay, and the development of the game concept at the very beginning. With my role as producer I don't have the time to do game design everyday but with my experience in VR I help the other game designers to make the good choice with the VR mechanics on our game.